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Bespoke Technology Firm for

Creative Water Projects

JHS GROUP specializes in problematic and unique water issues and water infrastructure projects. Our experience is worldwide, and we began operating since 2001. We provide consulting, design and execution services for clients in industrial, agricultural, and governmental markets who demand advanced technology solutions that are financially effective and operationally expedient.

Our goal is to provide a unique approach to project management that emphasizes a global green approach that benefits the people and natural resources. We combine cutting edge technology with proven established and tested methods with a simple straightforward approach to solve any unique water project.

As an independent firm with over 30 years of experience, JHS GROUP and its team have extensive professional experience in diverse corners of the world and in the United States provides services in:


  • Water Supply and Treatment 
  • Water Conveyance 

  • Hydrology, Drainage and Irrigation 

  • Greenhouse

  • Irrigation

  • Flood Control, Reservoirs and River Training

Cage Code: 8FGS0

DUNS Number: 043576889

NJ Contractor License: 13VH10246900

Floor Control and River Training

Water Conveyance Systems

Hydrology, Drainage

 & Irrigation

Water Supply & Treatment 


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