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Water Supply and Treatment  

  • Urban and rural water supply systems – regional and national schemes

  • Water treatment

  • Sewage systems

  • Sewer sewage treatment and recycling

  • Controlled and sealed burials of solid waste sites

  • Rural development plans

  • Moduler designs for flexibility

  • Removal all forms of contamination


Hydrology Drainage Irrigation

  • Hydrological consulting including survey, reports and analysis

  • Development of surface and underground water resources

  • Surface and underground drainage systems

  • Irrigation schemes – surface and pressurized


Water Conveyance Systems

  • Design of water conveyance systems including water canals and hydraulic structures

  • Water supply and distribution for rural and regional use

  • Pumping stations

  • Reservoirs including reservoir facilities


Flood Control and River Training

  • Flood protection and flood control

  • River training and bank protection

  • River and stream restoration



  • Agriculture technology execution for greenhouses and systems

  • Seasoned contractors and engineers consult, design, and construct greenhouses for all users

Golani Greenhouse Contracting 


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